A small market garden tucked away on the edge of Alberta’s boreal forest, Vesta Gardens is devoted to growing flavourful and unique heirloom and heritage vegetables for our community to enjoy.

Officially established in 2013, Vesta Gardens is run by a mother+daughter team: Juanita and Deb Krause. They provide fresh produce to CSA shareholders and to a select number of restaurants in the Edmonton area.

Many different kinds of vegetables, and a wide variety of each, are selected every spring for the season. This ensures a diversity of flavours and textures, as well as eye-pleasing colours to make even the most familiar dishes pop!

To find unusual varieties that will do well in our climate takes time and research, something Deb does during the cold winter months while dreaming of next year’s garden.

In addition to gardening, the ladies of Vesta also forage for wild edibles and preserve the bounty of summer to enjoy through the long Canadian winter.

One of the goals of Vesta Gardens is to be around 80% seed sufficient by 2018. We believe this creates varieties better suited to our soil, climate and garden zone as well as gives us the opportunity to select only the best to grow year after year. This process of saving+selecting seed is also known as landrace breeding, especially when purposely crossing varieties to create a new variety better suited to a particular area.

We aim to save enough seed yearly from our garden to supply our customers with the tastiest, Alberta hardy, heirloom vegetables year after year. A truly resilient and sustainable farm.


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