If you're a chef new to Edmonton, or just new to seasonal menu planning, finding information that works with our short-season can be challenging. You need more than just a farmers market.
You need someone who has the answers.

When are field grown tomatoes actually ready?
Are shelling peas and asparagus harvested at the same time of year?
How long is zucchini season? Are pumpkins best in October or after a couple months of storage?
There's snow 7 months of the year, how do I adjust my purchasing to keep pasture-raised meats on my menu?
When is the best time to talk to producers about growing specialty items?
I've been looking for -specific item- forever but can't find it locally, why is no one producing it?

We are the Vesta Garden gardeners, and we have on-the-ground experience regarding the seasonality of products in the Edmonton-area. Although we (Juanita and Deb) are in only our third year of commercial gardening, we have combined gardening experience of about 60 years.  Our family has been producing the bulk of our household's food for many generations with our large gardens and livestock. We still preserve the season's bounty to feed our families right through to the next spring.
Seasonally eating is part of our everyday life.

When Deb isn't growing food, she's catering meals in her hometown. Menu planning around what's available in the off-season is a skill she's been fine tuning for many years. She's also done numerous speaking engagements for Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development and has used those opportunities to network with other producers.
A food community that supports one another will only grow stronger.

Consultations start at $50 an hour. Monthly contract rates available.
The first meeting is on us! 

Contact Deb at VestaGardens@gmail.com or 780-901-9506 for more information