2017 CSA Registration

Registration is open! And already almost sold out. 
A perk of being a past member is getting the opportunity to register before it's available on our website. And they sure took advantage of it this year! 
But there are a few spots left. Check out our CSA Page for details. 

Something new for this year! An idea that I stole from Dustin (from Parsnips & Paddocks) who stole it from another farmer who was on Farmer to Farmer (I believe it's a podcast. Crazy kids...). It's a "Take It or Leave It" bin (I'm taking new name suggestions). Need extra potatoes for a recipe and still have cabbage from last week? Trade this weeks cabbage for a bag of potatoes. Someone else might come along and want extra cabbage for sauerkraut. They'd take that cabbage and leave something else. I thought it was a neat way to get a more personalized box. 

Last weekend we hung out at Sherwood Park's Seedy Sunday. Had a great time talking about seed saving and vegetable breeding.

We're at it again this Sunday for Edmonton Seedy Sunday!  I'll be accepting CSA registrations that day as well. 

Happy Spring!